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June 2015...

"The container is on the sea... on it's way to Ma~la-wi"

 5000 Bricks...                                                                               ...will be the start of a 40 ft/13M foundation for our 20 ton container full of items for southern region villages that were victims of the back to back cyclones in early 2015.

We are building our first structure !! 

 A primitive sketch, our official land marker... getting ready for the 20 ton container to arrive and be placed on its new foundation.

  April 2015...

                  .....we began the process to seek donations and fill a container with goods.  We also found sponsors that could help us with specialzed needs.  Our community in and around the New Orleans area went above and beyond our requests. 

Enjoy the "picture blog" of this success story...

The delivery of a free loaner "collection container" 

      from our sponsors: 

A & M Container, Hammond, Louisiana.

A "selfie" with the driver... and the sign facing the main highway.

May 2015...

 ...Collecting, sorting and filling the container.


    We asked for the donations... and we were blessed.  Jan's studio became the processing center, then the dining room, living room, hallway, family room and everywhere you looked there were items for the people of Malawi. 

June 2015...

     .....The Container we bought arrived and it took "a village" and a community to load it.

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