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Business Entrepreneurship

Our Choices...

   When it comes to people in need, we have two choices... We can continue enabling to the point of dependance, or we can move beyond charity and embrace empowering to the point of independence.

  In Malawi...

You can start someone in business for as little as $100.00. 

This is what we do:

  • Make the basic investment of the money in business tools.

  • Give them a Ledgerbook that we can monitor them.

  • Put them on a 2 year time period with someone photographing and monitoring their progress.

  • It is important that they accept our terms, to be progressive in the       2 year time frame, or we will have to terminate, by taking the next person in line.


Some Success Stories...

        The Mwana Mission Project have    re-invested in to their businesses.  We buy their items that are custom made and sell them in the USA.

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